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Get Annuity, Life Insurance, and Retirement Planning Right in St. Petersburg, FL with Advanced Capital Management

Certified Retirement Planning & Benefits Consulting

When you choose ACM, you’re working with long-time industry experts backed by FRC Federal Benefit Consultant certifications. We also provide a 20-minute benefits review before you get started with us, so you feel comfortable and confident about the next steps in your investment journey.

Annuities That Secure Your Lifestyle

Secure your retirement funds and preserve their long-term ability to keep you and your family comfortable. We offer multiple annuity options, like hybrid, income, and fixed index, to get the best return on your investment dollars. Talk to a certified ACM annuity specialist today.

Get Tax-Free Life Insurance Options

Get trusted help from industry experts on how life insurance can solve complex financial issues–before you pass them on to your children. We’ll learn how you’d like to use your investment dollars during your lifetime, whether that’s paying off a mortgage or loan, creating college funds for your children, or maximizing your accounts for your retirement.

Find Guaranteed Retirement Planning Solutions Wherever You Live

Since 1986, ACM has grown into an industry leader and trusted advisor to thousands of clients across Florida, Indiana, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan, Wisconsin & Nevada. Born and raised in Florida, John G. Ziesing, our CEO, dedicates his practice to helping retirees preserve hard-earned dollars and build on their assets. Retirement planning, life insurance, annuities, and other complex investment options can be confusing. Since every life situation is unique, we continually research new programs and services, to give us the broadest number of options for tailoring a financial plan that perfectly suits your needs. Take the first step toward protecting your wealth and assets and give us a call.

Retirement Wealth Protection Strategies Right at Your Fingertips

Effectively planning for a stress-free retirement means learning and understanding popular wealth management and protection strategies for your portfolio’s longevity. We take a look at your current assets, your long-term goals, and any liabilities before recommending which option best suits your overall investment strategy.

  • Fixed Index Annuities

  • Income Riders

  • Life Insurance

  • Index Universal Life

Advanced Capital Management

Advanced Capital Management is partnered with First Source Team, a company dedicated to helping people land the right job. First Source provides the tools to land the right job — at no cost to you! Check out the system that’s worked for nearly 100,000 people.

Find Retirement Planning Strategies Today to Enjoy Life Tomorrow

Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, Wisconsin, Indiana, & Nevada. Your ACM professional will work closely with you to create a comprehensive insurance based financial solution, that exceeds your financial goals. Drawing on a wide range of disciplines, we craft a long term personalized plan that ensures your assets work in concert, carefully preserving principal and maximizing return for you and your family. Call us today to get your 20-minute benefits review and get specialized access to guaranteed insurance-based financial solutions.

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